This is my recent Documentary Project on BLINDNESS.

The Educational Centre in Laski, Poland was created by Elżbieta Roża Czacka. She considered her loss of sight as a vocation. In 1911 she founded The Society for the Care of the Blind and a couple of years later - the Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross. Both of these , in the second decade of the XX-th century, became foundations for the creation of the Institute for the Blind.

Mother Elżbieta Czacka was aware of the need for the proper education
of the blind to enable them to live independently and responsibly. This is why The Centre in Laski educates blind children from their rst months
of life until the Baccalaureate and Professional Exams in an atmosphere of self-respect and openness to others. In the future, this will enable the blind to live independently amongst their family, work environment, and in a society of sighted people.

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